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Kin Sugai, world's oldest leading actress, dies at age 92


Actress Kin Sugai, listed by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest leading actress in a movie, died of heart failure at her home in Tokyo earlier this month, it was learned Thursday. She was 92.

Sugai was 82 when she appeared in the 2008 movie, “Boku no Obaachan” (“My Grandmother”).

Sugai, whose real name was Kimiko Sato, joined the training school of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 1946 after working in an office. She subsequently moved to Haiyuza Theater Co. and appeared in numerous stage dramas.

Appreciated for her unique supporting roles in movies and television shows, she played a variety of characters in both historical and modern dramas.

Sugai was particularly popular for her role in the “Hissatsu” series, a long-running popular period drama.

She also appeared in such works as the movies “Ikiru” and “Godzilla,” the historical TV drama “Ryomaden” (“A Tale of Ryoma”) and the modern TV drama “Ienakiko” (“A Homeless Child”).

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