On the first episode of the reality dating series "The Bachelor Japan," 25 women took turns stepping out of a limousine, walking down a red carpet and introducing themselves to their potential future husband.

The women timidly approached the bachelor, Hirotake Kubo, 35, in long evening dresses, keeping a courteous distance from him as they introduced themselves. But Kubo's polite smile turned into a raised eyebrow and nervous giggling when Yuki Kimura came marching up to him.

That was the moment "Yukipoyo" came into our lives ("poyo" is a cute sound in Japanese similar to the word "boop"). Wearing a mini — and I mean mini — white poofy dress and stiletto heels, over-the-top makeup and voluminous light brown hair, the 20-year-old confidently went in for a hug with Kubo and consequently stole the show.