With Fuji Rock happening this weekend, it's time to start making sure you've got everything you need to make the festival an unadulterated success. Here's a list of essential items you should consider trying to squeeze into your bags:

Footwear: You're likely to need rain boots that are mid-calf or higher to keep all the mud out if the skies open up. Experienced festival-goers usually add comfy insoles to give their feet extra protection. Having said that, you could probably get by with a pair of ankle-high hiking shoes if the rain's not too bad and you don't mind waiting to walk around the worst mud swamps throughout the site. It may preclude you from getting to the far-flung Orange Cafe, however.

Poncho or light raincoat: Go knowing one thing — it is sure to rain (unless we've all jumped back in time to the week before the sun-drenched 2012 edition). Umbrellas are prohibited and rain is as much a part of Fuji Rock as the music itself. Ponchos are generally easier to use than raincoats because you can simply throw them on and off (the rain has a habit of coming down sporadically). Ponchos can also cover any gear you have.