Tokai Television has become an expert on the subject of adoption in Japan, and this Sunday it will air the latest installment in its series “NNN Document 16” (Nippon TV, 12:55 a.m.)

The program follows Emiko, a 56-year-old woman who only last year discovered she had been adopted as a baby. She was given this information by a relative, who explained that her parents, now dead, had carried out a special adoption in which Emiko was listed on their family register as their child, with no footnote indicating she was adopted.

Emiko has since embarked on a mission to find her birth mother, which is extremely difficult since it happened so long ago. The only thing she can do is find the paper trail.

Mariko Hayashi’s novel “Fukigen-na Kajitsu” (“Sullen Fruit”) was a bestseller in the mid-1990s, when middle-class comfort was still widespread and the only real concern in most people’s lives was romance — at least in fiction. TV Asahi is adapting the novel as a series (Fri., 11:15 p.m.) set in 2016.

Mayako (Chiaki Kuriyama) and Koichi (Goro Inagaki) have been married for five years, and stopped having sex a while ago. Koichi, who’s a mama’s boy, was never that interested in the first place, and he’s busy at work.

When Mayako goes to the opening of a new wine bar, which her friend has started with money from a divorce settlement, she accidentally spills wine on Michihiko (Hayato Ishihara), a music critic who immediately falls in love with her, though she doesn’t notice. She’s preoccupied because she’s going to go on a date with her ex-boyfriend, Kengo, who is also married.

CM of the week

WOWOW: Yutaka Matsushige and Nana Komatsu play father and daughter who are leaving the house in the morning together. As they walk to the bus stop where they spot actress Rei Dan waiting in line. Both recognize her because she’s appearing in the drama “Shizumanu Taiyo” (“Never Setting Sun”) on satellite channel WOWOW. Matsushige, Komatsu and Dan are wearing WOWOW glasses, and no one else at the bus stop is, so the three are obviously privy to something exclusive, since the only place you can watch the drama is on WOWOW. You have to see the CM elsewhere, though. You would already be a subscriber if you saw it on WOWOW.

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