Hiroshi Tate plays "SP Yatsurugi Takashi" ("Secret Police Takashi Yatsurugi"; TBS, Mon., 9 p.m.), a member of the Metropolitan Police Department who is assigned to the security detail for the governor of Tokyo, Sawako Yoshimine (Hisako Manda), as she hosts a ceremony for guests from Singapore. During the event, Yatsurugi senses something wrong and shouts, "Get down!" as someone starts shooting, but it's too late. The governor's daughter is hit and dies.

Four years later, Yatsurugi is still working for the police but in the lost-and-found department. Yoshimine is re-elected and requests him as her personal security guard. He has a lot to worry about. The governor opposes construction of a new City Hall, disappointing the construction industry, and she starts receiving anonymous death threats.

More politically related suspense later in the week with American actress Charlotte Kate Fox, who rose to stardom in the NHK drama, "Massan." She plays "Meitantei Katherine" ("Famous Detective Katherine"; TV Asahi, Sept. 5, 9 p.m.), based on a character created by Japan's "mystery queen," Misa Yamamura.