Although “Jessabelle” was all set for a nationwide release in the U.S. in 2014, the powers that be decided to shelve her. There she was, gathering dust, when Blumhouse Productions (known for its low-budget films) picked it up for a VOD release two months ago. Then she crossed the Pacific to show in theaters across the archipelago. All this is bad for a movie’s reputation. It’s like a woman who goes on a date, doesn’t hit it off with the guy, but then he shops her around to his dateless pals on Twitter (“Hey, anyone interested?”) — very damaging for Jessabelle’s morale.

On the other hand, she doesn’t have a whole lot going for her. The story is shaky and inconsistent, with twists so predictable you can spot them 10 minutes before they happen. The premise: A young woman goes home after a car accident leaves her wheelchair-bound. There, she discovers a videotape made by her dead mother. After that, strange and terrifying things start to happen.

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