When we talk about revenge flicks, they're usually violent and involve someone like Charles Bronson, or Uma Thurman with a samurai sword. But there is another type of revenge flick: the autobiographical one, in which the whole raison d'etre of the film is the director's desire to settle an old score.

"My Little Princess" falls squarely into the "mommy, you sucked" subgenre. Just as Lori Petty did in her 2008 film "The Poker House," director Eva Ionesco takes aim straight at her mother — artist/photographer Irina Ionesco — by portraying her traumatic childhood.

Eva grew up fatherless, like Petty, and was mostly neglected by her Parisian art-scene mother — who became known in the '70s for her distinct brand of dark, fetishistic erotica — to be raised by her grandmother.