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From the New World

by Andrew Lee

Staff Writer

Anyone who has read Yusuke Kishi’s brilliant horror-game novel “The Crimson Labyrinth” may, initially, be curious to know that another of his books, “From the New World” — winner of the 2008 Japan SF Grand Prize — has been adapted into a manga series that is now available in English.

From the New World, by Yusuke Kishi.
Vertical, Manga.

Set in Japan’s distant future, the story follows a group of school students with newly realized telekinetic powers who begin to suspect that the adults around them are hiding a horrific secret about their past.

While the plot is as dark and twisted as fans of Kishi would expect, the manga, however, is squarely aimed at the shonen (teen boy) demographic, with way too many “fan service” scenes of naked young girls to appeal to other readers. Let’s just hope the novel is translated soon.