"Black is the new black" always seems like a safe motto when it comes to picking clothes, but in an electronic-music world that is constantly churning out micro-genre ephemera, some would argue that black has gone out of fashion.

Witch house might have been the Internet's leather-clad darling in the late 2000s, but its popularity was soon overtaken by more multicolored, upbeat strands of electronica. With his debut album, "Aqonis," Osaka's Shinya Wada — who makes music as Eadonmm (pronounced "Eadon") — is bringing darkness back.

"The Kansai area has a history of interesting acts working with a 'dark' sound," Wada says. He mentions Steven Porter — the (confusingly) Japanese duo behind Kyoto imprint 10 Label — whose releases have featured tracks by industrial techno behemoths such as Perc and Ancient Methods — as well as Night Cruising, a regular event that has long championed Japanese artists such as Cuushe and Ametsub.