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'Darren Almond Second Thoughts'

Art Tower Mito

by Jordan Sievers

Staff Writer

London-based artist Darren Almond’s work covers a broad spectrum of mediums, including video, painting, photography and installation. His pieces are visually stimulating and invite viewers to think about the relationship between the scientific concept of time and how humans actually perceive it.

His work is also shaped by travel, nature and culture, which includes his experience in Japan, where he created pieces inspired by Sennichi Kaihyogo (buddhist ascetic spiritual training) and influenced by his visit to Mount Hiei in Shiga Prefecture.

Featuring large-scale works from 1999 to more current ones, this exhibition asks visitors to explore different interpretations of time; Nov. 16-Feb. 2.

Art Tower Mito, Contemporary Art Gallery; 1-6-8 Goken-cho, Mito, Ibaraki. Mito Stn. 9:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. ¥800. Closed Mon. 029-227-8111;

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