With 90 minutes to go before the start of the Rock God Dam music festival, organizer Nakako Isoo is trying to find one of the headlining acts. She's supposed to pick up Virginia band Suburban Living, but comes back to Shibuya club Vuenos alone. "They are going shopping," she says. "I will try one more time." After catching her breath, she's out the door again.

Isoo was in constant motion during the two-day event held in Shibuya. Rock God Dam festival was her idea, and she's handled nearly every part of putting the event together, from picking the acts to making the T-shirts. She's managed all this while also studying for college entrance exams — she's a third-year high school student who has just turned 18.

"My friends say to me, 'Are you serious? You need to study more!' " she says.