’21 & Over’


When “Hangover” screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore got green-lighted to direct their first film, it’s pretty easy to imagine their marching orders from their producers: give us the same, but different.

“21 & Over” features — surprise! — three bros out on a blackout bender. There’s motor-mouthed bad boy Miller (Miles Teller), sensible mama’s boy Casey (Skylar Astin) and wild-card freakazoid Jeff Chang (Justin Chon). Instead of Vegas, we get a college town with plenty of frat-house debauchery and sorority hazing; instead of a wedding, the dudes have to get Jeff home in time for a 7 a.m. med-school interview, and his hard-ass dad (François Chau) will kill them if they don’t. Problem is, Jeff Chang gets incoherently drunk and the guys don’t remember where he lives, leading to a long, weaving road home involving cops, cheerleaders, a buffalo and a teddy bear glued to Jeff’s schlong.

21 & Over

This is pretty much “Porky’s” crossed with the “Harold & Kumar” movies, sophomoric grossout humor involving chewing on tampons, puking at the camera and other such lovely hijinks; if you’re in the target demographic (foul-mouthed high school boys) this may well be hilarious, but even if you aren’t, the movie has moments of absurdist brilliance laced within the juvenilia.