"I don't like Graffiti" states French artist Zevs, who is known for his street-art work and is currently showing at The Container in Daikanyama.

"Heaven" presents two pieces. The first — a poster depicting a young couple in New York surrounded by electronics, while the Apple logo bears down from behind— is a recreation of German painter Lucas Cranach the Younger's "Adam & Eve" (1549). The forbidden fruit is replaced by an iPhone, while iPads reveal much more.

The other piece displays a phantom logo revealing its true self only when approached: an empty laptop case with a projected Apple mark, cast in an almost unholy light. As trompe l'oeil, these visual gags merely scratch the surface of Zevs' own brand of urban commentary, one that treats these images as irreverently as he does the city, his metaphor for an ever-changing studio.