A sequel to an award-winning original script solicited by TBS and Kodansha publishing, “Neko Ben to Tomei Ningen” (“The Cat Lawyer and the Invisible Man”; TBS, Mon., 9 p.m.) stars Hidetaka Yoshioka as Taro Momose, a graduate of the University of Tokyo’s law department whose introverted personality and lack of ambition has limited his prospects in love and commerce. At 40 he’s still single and the only legal work he can get is helping people with pet issues. His Shinjuku office is filled with cats he was compelled to adopt through his law practice.

He receives an email from a potential client who says he can’t sleep because his pet parrot is missing, and asks Momose to find him. The email is signed “The Invisible Man.” Momose finds the parrot but not the client, prompting him to wonder if the man’s self-description is not just a pretense.

Model-actress-singer Imalu is more famous for being the daughter of comedian Sanma Akashiya and actress Shinobu Otake than she is for being a model-actress-singer, which may explain why she recently switched talent agencies. On this week’s installment of “Shigoto Hakken-den” (“Job Discovery Story”; NHK-G, Thurs., 10 p.m.), she explores another employment possibility: barista. When she studied overseas she spent a lot of time at her local coffee shop.

She receives training at a Tokyo outlet of a famous American coffee chain from a 10-year veteran who won the company’s best barista honor two years ago. Unlike a lot of service positions in Japan, this one does not come with a manual. The whole point is to perfect one’s technique while cultivating an individual style and providing top-class hospitality.

CM of the week

Loto 7: Satoshi Tsumabuki as a young salaryman sits in the back of a cab with his boss, played by Toshiro Yanagiba. Tsumabuki is talking about the ¥400 million jackpot for the new Loto 7 lottery. Yanagiba is not interested and asks his subordinate, “You think you can buy your dreams with money?”

Later, Tsumabuki is walking down the street, talking to himself. He is impressed with his superior’s outlook and then notices him standing at a Loto 7 stand, filling out a card. Yanagiba notices that he’s been noticed, and a painful look crosses his face. Maybe he wants the money for something other than his dreams.

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