Nostalgia is nothing new in popular music. A disco revival during the 1990s (think Deee-Lite), led to a renewed fascination with the 1980s during the 2000s (think Chromeo and a synth-pop boom) and that decade even started seeing a '90s revival toward the end of it.

"Things That Fade," the debut full-length from duo Greeen Linez, is also brimming with nostalgia — but it's a vibe that's more Japan-specific. It comes from a local musical movement from the '80s, which was refashioned as a genre called City Pop in the early '90s. It blends soul music, fusion and adult-oriented rock (AOR) with lyrics that center on city life as it often was experienced during the country's bubble economy.

"We used lots of DX7 sounds in most of the tracks on the album to create the City Pop vibe," explains one half of the duo, Matt Lyne, referencing a popular synthesizer that was in widespread use throughout the '80s. He explains that the rhythmic features in the tracks were also borrowed from City Pop, as well as the melodies and harmonies. Their choice of sounds is also indicative of the genre: heavy use of synth marimba on "Courtside Daydreams," the digital piano and keyboard sounds on lead single "Hibiscus Pacific," and the dead give-away for '80s music — copious amounts of digital reverb sprinkled throughout the album.