As the average age of TV viewers gets older, the networks schedule more and more programs about medicine and health. The variety show “Shujii ga Mitsukaru Shinryojo” (“The Clinic Where You Can Find Your Home Physician”; TV Tokyo, Mon., 8 p.m.), hosted by veteran announcer Hitoshi Kusano and comedian Koji Higashino, expands for a two-hour special this week to provide a select group of TV personalities with ningen dokku (comprehensive medical checkups).

In addition to putting celebrities through a battery of detailed tests, doctors from every discipline — internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, even psychiatry — will be present in the studio to answer any questions.

Model-actress Emi Takei, one of the faces of Gucci worldwide, flexes her thespian muscles in the new drama series “Daburu no Higeki” (“Double Tragedy”; TV Asahi, Thurs., 9 p.m.).

Takei plays Satsuki, a young woman who has to work three jobs to get by. She is a part-time employee in a “show pub,” a cleaning lady and a some-time prostitute. It is in relation to the latter that she is summoned by the police. It turns out that one of her clients has been murdered, and she doesn’t have a credible alibi.

Takei also plays Mako, born into a rich family and the favorite of her grandfather, one of Japan’s most powerful industrialists. The two women’s backgrounds could not be more different, but in addition to a facial resemblance, Satsuki and Mako have another thing in common: an acquaintance with the murdered man.

CM of the week

Oronamin C: Sho Sakurai of Arashi is standing on a busy city street trying unsuccessfully to get a taxi to stop for him. He looks at his watch and imagines he’s with a friend. They shake hands and Sakurai says, “I’ll be there no matter what.”

Filled with new determination, Sakurai pulls out a bottle of the vitamin/energy drink Oronamin C and finishes it off. His hand goes up and suddenly a half dozen taxis stop in front of him. Even better, a rope ladder descends from the sky just centimeters from his face.

The scene shifts to a wedding that has just ended, the new couple leaving the church. The groom points up to the sky at Sakurai hanging on to the rope ladder which is dangling from a helicopter. He kept his promise.

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