The Horrors


Special To The Japan Times

This is your third time at Summer Sonic — what keeps you coming back?

Rhys Webb: It’s just a great festival. I think we’ve had our best-ever shows at Summer Sonic.

Faris Badwan: Yeah, it’s the audiences. The stages as well; the sound is always so amazing, (with) such great attention to detail. It’s kind of a perfect festival.

Do you approach playing the late-night shift any differently than you would a mid-day slot?

FB: We normally play off the audience. It will be quite different — we were thinking about it earlier, it’s hard to know what it will be like. (But) we’ve never had a bad audience in Japan. They’re very active, but controlled as well. They really get into it, and then totally go quiet.

Is it hard to handle the Tokyo heat in your trademark all-black outfits?

FB: The air conditioning in Tokyo seems to be pretty efficient.

RW: We’ve never played the outdoor stage. I know Faris is a bit more controlled than I am, but whenever we play, even if it’s freezing cold before we go on stage, I’m always absolutely dripping with sweat by the end of it.

What’s your karaoke song?

FB (laughing): I’ve never done karaoke.

RW: I think we’re going to make him do it on Saturday night. Since we’re playing that late gig, we won’t leave the festival site until 3 a.m., and then we’re leaving at 9 a.m., so we’re going to try and find a late-night karaoke bar.

FB: Rhys has quite an extensive repertoire when it comes to karaoke. He really covers a lot of ground.

RW: Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys) had a karaoke birthday party a couple of years ago, and that was my first karaoke experience. I really enjoyed it. Last time we were here for Summer Sonic, we went to a karaoke bar with Klaxons after the show in Osaka and stayed there until about 6 a.m. before we had to get a flight. Me and Simon from Klaxons did “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson — we were standing on the tables!