Best Japanese/overseas albums of 2010: Qetic


DJ Baku Hybrid Dharma Band — “D.E.F”

DJ Baku Hybrid Dharma Band have been actively performing at various venues around Japan since 2008. This year, the band finally put together their first album. “D.E.F” is just what we expected — no, more than what we expected — from their debut. Hip-hop, punk or rock, the band has crossed over various genres to present a perfect dance-music album. I can confidently speak for all the staff at Qetic — “D.E.F” was the No. 1 album of 2010.

Chang Kiha and the Faces — “Nani mo Naku Kurasu”:

Chang Kiha’s expression of a rather poetic world of his own imagining through music is very interesting and fun. The band Chang Kiha and the Faces’ 2010 album is also important as the band is at the frontier of leading South Korea’s underground indie-music scene. Give the album a try and you’ll find a whole new range of possibilities for indie music. (A recent performance by the band had a huge impact on me personally; I can still see them playing over and over in my head). I am really looking forward to the group’s second album now. The album “Nani mo Naku Kurasu” is a bit addictive — just to warn you in advance.

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