Carlos Gibbs


DJ and producer Carlos Gibbs, creator of Skinnipants and the Redbox Project, opens up his record bag for The Japan Times.

Golden oldie: Fluke — “Slid (Modwheel Remix)” (Circa Records). This tune was one of the tracks in that era of megaclubs in the late 1990s that played deep house. It was big and booming. Good stuff!

New classic: Metro Area — “Miura” (Environ Records). A track that killed it all over the world. It sounds like it would be a great theme song to something.

Floor-filler: Metro Area — “Dance Reaction” (Environ Records). I can only describe it as jungle-boogie-disco . . . funk. They made this track right on point!

Smoothest vibe: Lowrell — “Mellow, Mellow Right On” (Alpha Omega Recordings). Music that you can make love to. ‘Nuff said!

Must-listen: Floating Points — “Vacuum Boogie” (Eglo Records). This would be my pick of the year for 2044 (it came out last year). It’s that fresh! The buildups, the sounds, the key it’s in, wow. Best track I’ve heard in years. Deep house lives!

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