Family-friendly exhibit hopes to shed light on plight of extinct, endangered species


Everyone should know dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, but do they know how many species have gone extinct since?

The World Wildlife Federation estimates that about 700 species have died out since 1600. Additionally, about 40,000 of the 30 million types of species on Earth now are considered endangered.

Clay artist Ajyu Miyakawa hopes to draw attention to these troubled creatures at an exhibition titled “Beautiful Friends on Earth in Tokyo Tower,” which is running until January.

The exhibition coincides with the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP 10) Convention on Biological Diversity, which runs Oct. 18-29 in Nagoya. Thousands of representatives from around the world will meet to discuss effective environmental conservation strategies.

Miyakawa hopes that the species the Earth has lost will be able to live on through art. He also hopes that when we realize how many species are gone, we might try harder to save the ones that are left.

Beautiful Friends on Earth in Tokyo Tower will be held at Tokyo Tower Foot Town in Minato Ward, Tokyo, from Oct. 8 till Jan. 10. Tickets cost ¥600. For more information, call (03) 3360-7168 or visit www.chikyunonakama.com