"I find beauty in the dark side or in people's anger!" confesses a boisterous Anna Tsuchiya. Surprisingly, Japan's choice wild-child actress, model and singer did not talk about herself egotistically, but merely justified her love of Chopin over Mozart: "When I (first) listened to Chopin's 'The Revolution,' I thought classical music is rock music," she says. "It was beautiful and I wanted to go into rock!"

Tsuchiya, 25, is gearing up for her performance at the New Classic Gig, a unique live event that sees unlikely musicians paired with a full orchestra, all as part of a fashion show directed by creator Hideki Matsui (a Europe-based fashion designer — not the New York Yankees baseball player).

"This event is called 'classic' but it is not classical at all. Nobody has ever listened to this kind of music," says Matsui.