Acid Mothers Temple vs. Kinski Japan Tour 2009


A pub debate between a few rummies and a bartender over analog and digital recording techniques ended with the involved parties forming a band together called Kinski in 1998.

After issuing their debut, 1999’s now out-of-print “Space Launch for Frenchie,” the Seattle postrock act embarked on their first tour. Playing alongside visiting Japanese psychedelic trio Mainliner, Kinski befriended guitarist Makoto Kawabata. They again teamed up with Makoto and his full-time project, the highly regarded progressive, psychedelic freak-out “soul collective” Acid Mothers Temple, for Japan shows in late 2001. While hanging out in AMT’s hometown of Nagoya, the groups jammed out two collaborative pieces that later surfaced on 2003’s “Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple” split CD from Seattle seminal imprint Sub Pop. Kinski and AMT continued to gig together in the States as the years passed with Makoto at one time being recruited to fill in for absentee guitarist Matthew Reid-Schwartz on a three-week trek.

Kinski’s most recent effort, 2007’s “Down Below it’s Chaos,” adds a healthy dose of fuzzy ’70s-inspired hard rock to their already loud and experimental musical mix. Mostly instrumental, guitarist Chris Martin sings on three tracks including the cut “Dayroom at Narita Int’l” — a place they’ll soon see again when they embark on their upcoming 11-show Japan jaunt.

It’s little surprise that AMT will join Kinski for all dates. The insanely prolific band have already put out several new records this year including “Dark Side of the Black Moon: What Planet Are We On?” and the tongue-in-cheek titled, to all outside of AMT at least, “Are We Experimental?”

While nothing has been discussed, Martin bets Kinski and AMT will turn out a few collaborations on stage during the tour, saying in an online chat with The Japan Times, “We just need to find a club that will have enough amps!”

“Acid Mothers Temple vs. Kinski Japan Tour 2009” begins on June 27 at Club Goodman, Tokyo, before heading to nine venues throughout the nation, and finishes July 11 at Club Goodman, Tokyo. For full tour details, visit www.kinski.net.