Yo Okado, 41, accountant

What did you think of The Cure?

The Cure were great! I missed their show 23 years ago because I had no money, haha! I was a high-school student then, and I couldn’t get a ticket. The best part was “Boys Don’t Cry” or maybe “Friday I’m in Love,” because today is Friday.

Robert Smith is a bit old, isn’t he?

It’s OK that Robert Smith is getting on a bit. I’m oyaji (an old guy) too. For my generation, he’s still a pop star. The younger people might not know who he is, but Fuji Rock is an education program for younger people in what rock means.

Kichi, 40, office worker

What’s your last name?

It’s just Kichi!

How was Bo-Peep’s show?

Bo-Peep are so cool! I’ve seen them so many times I can’t count.

What do you think of the Rookie A Go-Go Stage?

I’m going to watch all the bands here.

Who else have you seen this year?

Yesterday I saw The Jerry Of Beat’s on the Rookie A Go-Go stage and . . . sorry, I’m pretty drunk. I’m drinking beer.

How many beers have you had?

That’s something else I couldn’t possibly count.

Kyoichi, 48, graphic designer

How many times have you been to FRF?

Kyoichi: We come here every year, and we’ve come with Hiroto for the last three. We’ve got to come!

How child-friendly is FRF?

There’s nothing really inconvenient about coming with a child. Today we took Hiroto to Kids Land and he had his face painted up like a Native American. There’s lots of attractions for kids and artistic objects dotted around the festival site, so it’s interesting for them. I think the other festivals are maybe too strict, with lots of people and really loud music.

Yuko Kanno, 22, student; Sayako, 22, teacher

What did you think of Mika’s show?

Sayako: It was so cute! There were people dressed as animals dancing on stage and they were really cute.

Yuko: There were loads of balloons in the audience. They were bouncing all over the place and I got hit by one.

Are you camping?

Yuko: Yes. It’s almost flat but not quite. But we’re luckier than some.

Is this your first FRF?

Yuko: Sayako’s been once before, but this is my first time.

Sayako: Last year the weather was terrible because of the typhoon, so I’m enjoying it much more this year.

Luke, 21, builder; Harry, 21, student

When did you get here?

Harry: We flew in from Brisbane last Tuesday. We fly back next week.

Who’s been the best band so far?

Luke: Less Than Jake. They had the biggest mosh circle ever. Everyone was running around anticlockwise — which I thought was a bit weird — but no one got injured. In Australia it gets fairly violent in those situations.

Compare the vibe to Australian fests.

Harry: Drinking in Australia’s big, but they’ve got strict alcohol laws and you have to queue for a ticket, show ID, then queue again to buy the beers.

Luke: Double killer!

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