Fortune-teller forecasts pop singer, conversations with the dead and psychic powers

It’s a great week for fortunetelling fans, especially those who like a little abuse with their forecasts. Superstar spiritualist Kazuko Hosoki will be the center of attention on three different shows this week on three different TV networks.

Hosoki, who utilizes a Chinese system called Rokusei Senjutsu that involves birthdates and the stars, is famous less for her predictions (which are often wrong) than for her blunt manner. She’s been known to tell newlyweds they’re headed for divorce, comedians that they’ll soon be washed up, and ingenues that they’re hated by their professional peers. She even once told Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara not to run for office, but unfortunately he didn’t listen.

On Monday, she will host a two-hour special, “Hosoki Kazuko no Kore ga Honto no Hanashi yo! (Kazuko Hosoki’s This is the Truth!)” (TV Asahi, 7 p.m.), in which 50 show-business personalities will submit a total of 100 questions to the fortuneteller on any subject they want. In addition to berating famous people for their spiritual malaise, Hosoki will also offer her views on Japanese history and Buddhist philosophy.

The next night, Hosoki’s regular weekly show, “Zubari Iu wa yo! (I’ll Give It to You Straight!)” (TBS, 9 p.m.) will have as its guest pop singer Ryuichi Kawamura, formerly of the popular visual-kei rock band Luna Sea. Hosoki will give Kawamura a “diagnosis” of his solo career, which is 10 years old this month, and offer a glimpse into his future in show business.

On Friday, it’s Fuji TV’s turn. Hosoki will offer “therapy” on matters of love and happiness to feisty R&B singer Akiko Wada on “Shiawasette Nandakke (What is Happiness)” (7:57 p.m.). The comedy trio Neptune will act as referees.

If your idea of fortunetelling is less punishing, you’ll probably prefer the ministrations of Hiroyuki Ehara, who reads people’s auras and tells them heartwarming things about deceased loved ones and even dead strangers looking out for their well-being.

This week, the guests on Ehara’s regular program “Aura no Izumi (The Fountain of Aura)” (TV Asahi, Saturday, 7 p.m.) are Yoshihiko Inohara of the idol boy band V6 and veteran comedian-actress Pinko Izumi. Inohara explains to Ehara that he himself possesses a strange power: Whenever he suddenly has the urge to see someone in particular, he invariably runs into that person a short time later. Ehara explains why this happens.

Izumi talks about her “two mothers,” the one that gave birth to her and the one that raised her. Ehara seems to know all about these two women and conveys their messages to Izumi from the afterlife.