Blogs are getting popular in Japan, as shown in the new Fuji TV drama series "Oni Yome Nikki (Devil Bride Diary)" (Tuesday, 10 p.m.), which is based on one written by a woman called Sanae. The blog's theme, as is apparent in the title, is the casual, everyday cruelty wives inflict on their husbands.

In episode two, which airs this week, Sanae (Arisa Mizuki) and Kazuma (Gori) -- of the comedy duo Garage Sale -- have finally bought a home. The family finances become tight, and Kazuma's pocket money is reduced by his wife. However, some of his colleagues at work are planning a trip to a hot-spring resort and Kazuma wants to go. He decides to dip into Sanae's "emergency" money. But Sanae seems to have her own plans for the money. A friend recommends they go to a nice hotel that is holding a special event for women.

A slightly more serious exploration of marital problems is offered on "Jukunen Rikon (Senior Divorce)" (TV Asahi, Thursday, 9 p.m.).