The worst (read best) rock 'n' roll animals never grow up. They act like idiots and we let them get away with it because they make great music. In rock 'n' roll it's always better to burn out than fade away into "maturity" -- i.e. making tame and crappy music.

But some of these animals seem indestructible. Think Iggy Pop, Keith Richards and the rockers I'm meeting today, Japan's toughest and most hardcore hoodlum band -- Guitar Wolf.

Tonight, the permanently sunglassed Seiji ("Guitar Wolf") tells me he's 20 years old, while Billy ("Bass Wolf") says he's 21. Toru ("Drum Wolf") is away, checking out a band they hope to hire for some shows on their upcoming Japan tour promoting their new album "Loverock." It's Guitar Wolf's eighth studio album and as they've been going for about 15 years, they're obviously well past their teens. But who cares? They look as cool as ever.