Another reason to love Sofia Coppola: She had the good sense (and stubbornness) to refuse to do any more interviews while in Japan. Judging by her news-conference comments, she is better at making her films than talking about them -- no crime, that -- so it was a smart move to delegate the explaining part to her producer, Ross Katz.

While many producers are little more than the people opening their wallets, Katz is a hands-on type who was deeply involved in the day-to-day process of making the film. After starting as a grip on "Reservoir Dogs," and working his way up the food chain with Good Machine in New York (the people who've done all Ang Lee's films, among others), Katz still seems a bit shell-shocked at finding himself at the helm of a surprise Oscar-winner.

Katz spoke with The Japan Times at -- where else? -- the Park Hyatt.