Director M. Night Shyamalan couldn't make it to Tokyo since he and his wife have a newborn child to look after, but that didn't stop the enterprising PR people at Buena Vista from setting up a virtual press conference for "Unbreakable."

Via videoconferencing technology, the director took questions through an uncannily clear video link, with no discernible lag time. While the press seemed a bit camera-shy -- seeing themselves on a subscreen -- Shyamalan seemed quite relaxed and ready to talk. As he put it, "I enjoy answering questions -- I live in Philadelphia, and my wife is sick of hearing me talk about movies."

On his style: "On both 'The Sixth Sense' and more so on 'Unbreakable,' the idea was to make an old-fashioned suspense movie, before there were 1,000 cuts, before special effects and computer graphics, when you had to sit in a room and think: 'How do you create tension? How do you keep that intensity going from the moment the movie opens all the way to the end?'