Kioi Hall's large hall will be used for a concert of classical Japanese music April 6, for the first time since its opening in 1995.

While concerts featuring Japanese instruments in modern contexts have been presented there, this is the first time that a purely classical hogaku concert has had the honor. "Oto-kakehashi (Sound Bridge)," complete with English-language program notes and a special Japan Times reader discount, promises a musical experience beyond any preconceptions of what classical Japanese music is or should be.

Shamisen master Itchu Miyako XII explains that "Oto-kakehashi" comes from the title of one of the pieces featured in the program, "Shakkyo (Stone Bridge)." It suggests a bridge from this world into the Pure Land Heaven, a bridge between East and West, a bridge connecting the spirits of individuals. The aim of this concert is to create these bridges from works in the classical repertoire.