Issues | LEARNING CURVE Apr 20, 2020

Tips for teaching and learning online

by Doug Strable

Doug Strable, a freelance learning and development designer based in Tokyo, lays out some ideas, advice and warnings surrounding the new type of classroom that awaits teachers and parents in the 21st century. Communicating and learning online is here to stay: The ability to learn ...

The way of the toddler: <em>Sōranbushi</em> and sumo

Issues | LEARNING CURVE Mar 23, 2020

The way of the toddler: Sōranbushi and sumo

by William Lang

April is approaching and with it comes the start of the new school year. Ordinarily, this would be a time for ceremonies replete with tears and smartphone-captured sentimentality. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, however, even such small-scale public gatherings are less visible. One ...

Know your rights as a language teacher

Issues | LEARNING CURVE Apr 10, 2019

Know your rights as a language teacher

by Kris Kosaka

Dennis Tesolat is chair of the General Union based in Osaka. Founded in 1991, the organization is part of a national private sector trade union known as Zenkoku-Ippan (the National Union of General Workers), which belongs to a confederation known as Zenrokyo (National Trade ...