Brexit was found on a mountain road in 2017. He was in a very weakened state, and while the assumption is that he was abandoned, there’s no way of knowing for sure what truly happened.

Whatever life this 6-year-old, 17-kilogram furball came from, signs remain that it almost certainly wasn’t a comfortable one. Like many humans, Brexit is not easy to get to know. It will take a bit of time, and it will take some effort. Brexit tends to snarl and snap at people he doesn’t know, but once you break through this skittish exterior, the effort to get to know him will not go unrewarded.

Of course, Brexit is not immune to a little bribery in the form of treats. Bring them when you meet Brexit and you’ll be on a nonstop bullet train to his heart. Even if he’s not great at showing his affectionate side and can come off as grouchy at times, if you can get past the missing welcome mat, you’ll soon be enjoying this dog’s special charm.