I meet Jonny Winstanley, aka “Jonny Dub,” at the open space in Yoyogi Park to pick up a copy of his photography book. There’s a festival going on, and, as a member of the Tokyo Street Photography Club (Tokyo-SPC), he’s carrying an analog Leica camera. We set off among the throngs of people to check out what’s on offer. Stimulation is everywhere, from the smells of the food stalls to the music blasting from the nearby stages, but Winstanley only has eyes for one thing: a great photo.

We are mid-conversation when he suddenly jumps to the left. Snap! He’s shot his target and continues walking as if nothing happened. The subject in question — an elderly street vendor sporting flashing bunny ears — is none the wiser, a mean feat considering Winstanley, 42, is a huge frame of a man.

We keep walking through the crowds when a voice shouts out. “Ey! What you shootin’ on?” Turning, we see a photographer holding a lens that’s nearly as big as his body. Judging by the camera he’s carrying, I ask him if he’s with the festival. “Of course not,” he replies. The conversation lasts for a few minutes, camera bags are compared, social media handles are exchanged and we’re pulled in for a group photo. The photographers part ways and continue snapping.