Goro the cat is a handsome ginger and he’s an open book. As the Beatle’s “All You Need is Love” goes, “there’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown.”

Goro is busting with love and it’s why he needs someone to just love to bits. Anyone who comes to his cage is treated to a royal welcome ... yes, even when they don’t take him home. He’ll try to follow them out though. He’s desperate to be picked up and really, really, wants to have a family of his own.

He came to ARK when his owner died and he’s 9 years old, but as they say, “9 is the new 5” ... or something like that. He’s not only a people lover, he’s also friendly with other cats. Simply put, there’s nothing to fault. He’s pretty perfect: Perfect tiger markings, fabulous eyes, handsome as all get out, and a purr that will rock the house.