The attention-loving Panjuro, who was first featured here in October 2017, has found a home in Osaka with Yuka Mori (pictured here) and her father, Seiki Mori.

The Moris, who had also adopted their previous dog from ARK, lavish Panjuro with all the attention they would give a child.

“There’s a saying that, ‘Ko wa kasugai,'” says Seiki, “which means that children hold a family together. And, we really feel that our lives are richer and fuller with Panjuro in it.”

That’s saying a lot, considering that “we’d always had quite big dogs and I personally would have been likely to opt for something like a Great Pyrenees, but my daughter fell in love with Panjuro at first sight.”

Panjuro was already about 11 years old when the Moris found him.

“We would have liked him to have been younger so we could have more time with him,” Seiki admits, but neither his size nor his age stopped them from adopting. Besides, Panjuro has always been something of a miniature powerhouse and he isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

“We heard that he likes to ride around on your shoulders or back and, sure enough, he let us know right away he wanted to do that with us too,” says Seiki. “He also likes to bounce onto the bed and roll around and around on the futon. He is so cute watch!”

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