Chapter 2

The meta-evil Doktor Fluxus had opened an Intrastellar Portal into the Double-negative Zone, causing a worldwide communications breakdown. With humanity on the brink of war and insanity, it was up to Nooncreeper and Lady Opaque to save the day. Due to secrets buried deep in their pasts, the two most enigmatic members of that most enigmatic band of superpowered misfits known as The Armageddon Rejects were the only quasi-humans immune to the devastating effects of Herr Doktor's fiendish scheme, the only hope for humankind to survive. If only they could forget long enough how they hated each other's guts.

Franz thought hard about how to translate the creative jargon of the TV show he was captioning into proper Japanese. He went through several highly specialized dictionaries, only to finally give up and just put the English words into katakana, hating himself for it, feeling like a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.