Aero, a Doberman mix, was first featured here in August 2017. He was described as a fun-loving, happy dog that "sometimes goes over the top in his exuberance." It was most likely that exuberance that spoke to his new family, the Taylors, when they first saw him in a video. "Instantly, we knew he was the right fit for our family," says U.K. native Andrew Taylor. Aero was "just that little bit crazy."

The Taylors — Andrew, Kyoko and their sons, Taishi and Akeshi — had wanted a bigger dog for a long time but had felt that, with their busy young family, they wouldn't have been able to give a bigger dog the attention it needed. "As the kids became older," says Andrew, "we thought it was the right time."

And true to expectations, Aero has adapted well to his new home in Chiba. "To say he has totally fit in would be an understatement. He has well and truly become one of the family," says Andrew. "There are too many stories to tell," he says, and instead sums up the family addition thus: "He has brought so much joy and laughter to our family. I don't think any of us thought we would smile so much from one dog — Aero."

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