Mami Tomida
Student, 20 (Japanese)

I signed up for the digital Asahi from April, reading it on my smartphone and PC, to help me with job hunting and to broaden my horizons. At home, from my childhood, my parents subscribed to the Asahi. However, when I went up to Tokyo, my mother, who never read it much, stopped the subscription. It was partly because my father was busy with work and had no time to read. Now he uses free apps like The Japan Times.

Yo Shochi
Student, 21 (Chinese)

I use Twitter, Facebook and curation sites like NewsPicks, Wired, SmartNews. There’s no system to get Chinese newspapers regularly, so we used to get free papers from a shop run by a Chinese guy near our house. Now my father often uses the internet and watches TV news. On the train to school, I check news on my phone. Many friends get newspapers at home, but I’ve never seen them bring one to school and read it.

Rinka Fushimi
Student, 21 (Japanese)

I’ve been a Nikkei subscriber since around the first year of junior high, and sometimes I read the Asahi at the library. Online I read BBC, CNN, etc., because I went to elementary school in the U.K. and junior high in Canada. News coverage is regulated in Japan, so extreme stuff isn’t reported. Talking to a Japanese friend on Skype from Canada, I was surprised to find they hadn’t seen the news about Moammar Gadhafi being killed in Libya.

Yasuhiro Nakanishi
High school student, 17 (Japanese)

I began reading newspapers when I started junior high, because I was curious about what my parents were reading. At the start I’d just read the comic strips, but then I began reading the articles around them. Recently, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to read because I’m studying for university entrance examinations. At home, my parents subscribe to the Asahi, but it’s mainly my mother who reads it.

Anna Lisa Kreissel
Student, 25 (Swiss)

I don’t subscribe to a newspaper, but I read them — including The Japan Times — at the university I’ve been studying at for the last six months. There’s a variety of kinds of newspapers, and I have enough time to look over them on weekends. Sometimes I check out The New York Times on Instagram, and interesting stories direct me to their website. Back in Switzerland, my mother subscribes to the Neue Zurcher Zeitung.

Lattapol Kasiansin, 22
Student, 22 (Thai)

I usually get my news through Facebook, like CNN, BBC, Sydney Morning Herald, CCTV, Deutsche Welle and (Thai media outlets) Thairath, The Standard and The Matter. In Thailand, almost every morning an aunty used to come to our house to sell a copy of a newspaper. But recently she stopped, so now my parents get information exclusively through TV, because they are lazy and not accustomed to handling YouTube.

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