First featured here in June 2017, Mizukiri (now rechristened Mintan) had been rescued with a badly infected leg that was, thanks to his rescuer's action, just saved from amputation. Now he has found a home with Rakuko Tatsuoka (above left) and her mother, Tsuruko. Initially, the Tatsuokas, who reside in Tokyo, had fostered Mintan. After six months together, "I decided I didn't want to do without him," says Rakuko, who chose to adopt. Mintan had been very timid at first but had gradually opened up to the Tatsuokas. "I couldn't stand the thought of him having to repeat that whole process again, and I also had fallen for his quiet charms," says Rakuko, who sets aside time each evening to play with the young cat to give him exercise. "He knows to expect this, and if I'm working on my computer he'll often sit quietly by and wait. Other times he'll make it known that he wants to play — now! — by meowing very loudly," Rakuko says. "Another thing he does that still makes me laugh is sleep next to me at night and purr loudly right into my ear. It's so adorable. I really can't imagine life without him."

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