Sarah DeGroot
Student, 23 (American)
As it has come down to Hillary vs. Trump, obviously I’m supporting Hillary. Trump is the epitome of everything wrong in America right now, and all he represents goes against everything that America is supposed to stand for. While Hillary may not be the best candidate, she shares some of the same values I do, and she is infinitely more qualified and fit to be president than most of the other candidates that have been running for president in America.

Jon Leachtenauer
Lecturer, 56 (American)
I’m not a giant fan of Hillary Clinton but she is a better choice than Donald Trump, although I originally supported Bernie Sanders. Why would I vote Clinton? Well, more because this is why I don’t like Trump: He is unstable and he has no experience — and he is also kind of a racist. On the other hand, Clinton has a lot of experience and she is slightly liberal.

Robin Rauner
Student, 19 (American)
Hillary’s experience as a lawyer, senator, first lady and secretary of state make her very qualified to be president. Although she’s not an ideal candidate, I agree with many of her positions, which are similar to Barack Obama’s, and a continuation of the policies we’ve seen under Obama would be good for us. A Trump presidency would be disastrous as he often says things that are inaccurate at best, denies facts, does not accept climate change is real, is volatile and often offensive.

Naru Seto
Student, 21 (Japanese)
I would like to see Hillary Clinton win, but I do have concerns about her health. However, she is still better than Donald Trump. He’s incapable of maintaining good relationships with other countries. One reason why is that he speaks offensively every time. In addition, his reaction to immigration is likely to provoke other countries’ antipathy. I think Hillary Clinton is best suited to becoming the next president of the U.S.

Kumi Nagayama
Office worker, 53 (Japanese)
Definitely Hillary! Trump was already terrible, but the other day he made some contemptuous comments about women and made an enemy of women worldwide, so it’s already over for him. Hillary’s a bit dodgy too, but she’ll win by default, I suppose. Personally I don’t want either of them to be president. I wish the world could pick a third brilliant candidate to run or that Obama could go on. Neither Hillary or Trump can stop North Korea and China running amok, can they?

Li Lun
Student, 19 (Chinese)
Frankly, I’m on Trump’s side. I’m not supportive of his racist ideas, just tired of seeing how Hillary uses LGBT groups as a sort of political tool. Hillary makes promises — for example, to LGBT groups — hoping they will vote for her, but she is not aware of the reality the U.S. is facing, with increasing criminality, unstable foreign relationships. Her plan sounds wonderful, but without solving the most basic issue of social inequality, the LGBT groups will still suffer within society.

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