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A penny for your thoughts: a dog named Jerry

Though he may look like your average happy-go-lucky silly puppy, Jerry is more the kind of dog that’ll have you wondering just what he’s thinking. And he’s likely wondering the same about you. The 4-month-old, believed to be a Lab mix, at first comes off as rather shy and a bit nervous, but it’s because he’s a keen observer. In fact, he’s something of an introvert, an intelligent dog and an incredibly quick study. But he’s no stick-in-the-mud. Jerry will make you laugh. He’ll sit very still with his head cocked, move tentatively toward you, then burst into an adorable wiggly walk with his ears sticking straight up. Jerry is clearly a special dog, a sweetheart that we’re hoping will find people who appreciate a more sensitive nature.

If you are interested in adopting Jerry, email ARK at Tokyoark@arkbark.net or call 050-1557-2763 Monday to Saturday (bilingual) for more information. Tokyo ARK is an NPO founded by Briton Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Prospective owners are requested to undergo a screening process.

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