The first thing you want to do when you get to the meeting room, whether it be summer or winter, is open all the windows. This is because you'll have to throw all logic out the window. Open as many as possible, 'cause there's a lot of logic to heave.

The Samurai Meeting Master starts off by presenting the first topic of discussion. He asks people for their opinions. The first few contributions are usually pretty well thought-out and well presented. These come from active members in the community who are versed in how things are done and are able to prioritize and separate problems from issues.

After these prominent people have given their views on the subject, the Samurai Meeting Master asks if anyone else has something to say. Well, actually, someone does. This person is usually retired, doesn't contribute much to the community and spends most of his time at home watching TV. He has no real clue as to what is happening in the community, except what he occasionally sees from his frosted glass window. As a matter of fact, the only reason he comes to these meetings is that he has nothing else to do! And at least here, people will listen to him and he'll have a sense of purpose.