Osaka: What on Earth should be done about the deteriorating situation at Fukushima No. 1?


Masako Takaoka, 60
Cafe owner (Japanese)
We seem to have a shō ga nai [what can you do?] attitude about it in Japan, which I doubt Westerners would accept. Most of us go about our lives without realizing this disaster will drag on for 30-40 years until No. 1 is decommissioned. The media should report more on the real situation, and everyone, from the public to the Abe government to Tepco, needs a more urgent sense of crisis. We should attack this problem as if Godzilla was a Fukushima creation!

Lee Chang Tye, 48
Tai-chi instructor (Australian)
I worry about food safety and feel sorry for the Fukushima evacuees, farmers and fishermen who should be supported until the disaster ends, however long it takes. The Japanese should be made aware of what they can do to protect themselves against radiation, with [supplements such as] spirulina, chlorella, modiflan, etc. How can Tokyo dream of hosting the best athletes of the world at the 2020 Olympics just 200 km from a nuclear meltdown?

Danyk Amyot, 32
English teacher (Canadian)
The Tohoku quake and tsunami was a short-term natural disaster which Japan has dealt with admirably, but the Fukushima situation is a long-term man-made disaster caused entirely by Tepco. Its incompetence in dealing with its nuclear meltdown has become a global concern, so I think Japan must follow the advice of the international nuclear watchdogs and also allow media to cover rather than cover up what is going on. Our children deserve better!

Ayako Nakaoka, 35
Flower shop staff (Japanese)
Tepco has been incompetent in handling this disaster from the start, because it is a business thinking about its costs and investment in the No. 1 plant more than public safety. It should have been removed from the decision-making process from the start. It’s two years too late, but the Japanese government needs to take over completely and call in neutral international experts. Money should not be an issue while this emergency continues.

Lorenzo Takahashi, 29
Factory worker (Filipino-Japanese)
I don’t think we in Japan are being told the whole truth about Fukushima No. 1. When abroad, I noticed that NHK World in English reports more on Fukushima and gives much more information than can be seen on any channel here in Japan. Since they haven’t been able to fix it themselves in more than two years, the Japanese government should ask the world for help in solving this crisis, which will probably last the rest of my life.

Tsuru Nakano, 94
Retired widow/mother (Japanese)
One thing Japan shouldn’t do is restart any of its reactors. The past two years have proven that we can do without them. From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Tokaimura — plutonium mixed in a bucket! — and now Fukushima, Japan has had bad luck with anything nuclear, so we should just abandon it and become a leader in clean energy instead. Japan began using nuclear power 50 years ago and we still have no idea what to do with all the spent nuclear fuel.

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  • Starviking

    Ask a loaded question, get biassed answers.

    Is the situation actually deteriorating? From a public health prespective, no. There is more risk from secondhand smoke on the street.

  • Richard Wilcox

    That’s right, we should be worrying about the dangers of eating bananas rather than the one quadrillion plus becquerels of manmade isotopes that have contaminated the ocean thus far, and may never stop in our lifetimes.

    These trolls in the comment section are a real hoot as they use dishonest debating techniques to twist the debate. Note that they never talk about the dangers of working at the plant, or the evacuees from the region, that is all collateral damage. But they also lie about dangers of radiation in food. Cesium accumulates in the body faster than it is excreted, unlike the pro nuke banana argument which are natural forms of radiation and are excreted naturally. Etc.

  • “The Japanese should be made aware of what they can do to protect themselves against radiation, with [supplements such as] spirulina, chlorella, modiflan, etc.”

    Really? Spirulina, Chlorella and Modiflan will “protect” you from radiation? Rubbish. Everyone knows only Mitochloria offers real protection.

  • Augustine

    One energy can be converted to another. in that way we can find a solution

  • KaiHarate

    mt. fuji could erupt and wipe out half of japan. does that make it dangerous right now? i’d say tepco has done a phenomenal job. how many people have died from radiation? zero? one? where are the babies with deformities and horrible birth defects? where are the tens of thousands of people with bed ridden health problems? even social media and grassroot movements doing their own geiger and research hoping to find government corruption have shown no dangers outside the town of fukushima. 9.0 earthquake. epic tsunami. nuclear disaster. it was a pretty remarkable save and recovery if you ask me. why would i want anyone else in the world working there at this point? the people working there have prevented a nuclear meltdown that would have been bigger than chernobyl. where is the ACTUAL evidence that a disaster is upon japan?

    the only stupid thing was where the generators were placed to begin with. that was inexcusable not to have ANY back up power plan. the initial panic some decisions were bad. but quickly they have done a heroic job. they deserve epic thanks and praise for their work and still swarming all over it like bees while learning how to get better every day.