Tokyo: What are the best and worst things about living in Tokyo?

by Mark Buckton

Adrian Francis, 38
Documentary film maker (Aussie)
I love how Tokyo is a big, chaotic mess, unlike my hometown, and I also enjoy getting lost when I am out and about, but the best thing is that I can eat and drink 24/7. The worst thing is that people have their heads down too much, focusing on work, so they miss so much of what is going on around them.

Antun Percic, 55
Actor (Croatian)
In Tokyo I can get absolutely everything I want. They have any and all types of restaurant, and I have access to anything I need. Culturally it is very diverse too, with a good music and theater scene. Worst, there are too many people and sometimes things are run a little too rigidly. Things need to be more flexible.

Yifei Matsunaga, 29
Training staff (Japanese)
Best, I like concerts and performances in Ueno, and at Suntory Hall, so that is great, unlike Okayama, where I used to be. Here there are performances every day. The worst thing is the Saikyo Line always stopping and so often running late. Home to work should take me 12 minutes but it usually takes about 30.

Jon Garner, 41
Photographer/performer (English)
The best thing is that all of my friends are here in Tokyo. Most of my friends outside work are performing artists, and as I am into photography, dance and theater, that is my life, so being based in Tokyo is great. On the down side, the arts here are underfunded and it is difficult to find truly thought-provoking forms of art.

Katsuya Maejima, 39
Sales manager (Japanese)
On the down side there are too many people in Tokyo and it is just too crowded. But, on a more positive note, it is convenient, the transportation is great, I can buy or eat anything from anywhere in the world and it just an exciting city to be in overall.

Dustin Bullock, 34
SNS blogger/writer (American)
The worst thing in Tokyo is the police. I am often stopped for no reason, and have my bags searched on the street. Tokyo is the only place I have experienced this. As for the best, public transport is great, on time, clean and safe. And I can go almost anywhere in the country on trains or buses.

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