Narumi Watanabe
Restaurant worker, 18

I think it would be good if Tokyo got the Olympics, although I don’t usually watch sports so I have no real interest in the competition. But I do think the effects of the games going to Tokyo will be felt locally up here in Tohoku.

Sayaka Murakami
Part-time worker, 21
I’d be happy if the games went to Tokyo because maybe some events could be held in Tohoku and bring some money in. But I wonder if foreigners would want to come to Tokyo, let alone Tohoku, with all the concerns about radiation.

Daisuke Okamoto
English teacher, 39
After watching what a great job London did at minimal cost, I’d say Tokyo couldn’t do the same. While it might raise morale, it wouldn’t unite us. Tokyo is Tokyo, Tohoku is Tohoku. Everything changed after the disaster.

Junko Kamoda
Housewife, 39
I am sceptical and I doubt any benefits will come to Fukushima if Tokyo gets the Olympics. Some may travel here, but Fukushima is usually skipped as people head up to Sendai or Morioka, further north (in Iwate Prefecture).

Yuko Iwayama
Housewife, 75
I think it will be good and it will improve morale, so people should try hard to bring the Olympics to Tokyo, as it would be good for both of us — those of us here in Tohoku and those in Tokyo.

M. Kimura
Retired, 78
As a refugee from Minamisoma, I think it will be good for Tokyo but I’m skeptical about politicians making links to morale and prosperity in Tohoku. People may travel from here to see the games but I doubt tourists will come here.

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