Osaka: What are your plans for the Obon holidays?

Etsuko Nomura
Volunteer braille translator, 64

I’m going to visit the area around Mount Fuji with my husband and daughter, to cool off. We’ll take the train there, and then rent a car and drive around the five lakes. My husband booked the hotel rooms, so where we’ll be staying is a surprise!

Steve Andrews
Kindergarten teacher, 31 (English)
Work is hard, so it’ll be nice to just not do it for a few days! I’ll enjoy the holidays by hanging out with friends and going out without worrying about working the next day. I’ll sleep a lot, catch up on stuff and try various lunch specials that I can’t when I’m working.

Toshitake Yamamoto
Rice/organic foods merchant, 67
I have no plans. My shop will be open, as it is every year. But if I could, I’d go to Nara to the Tokae festival, where candles are spread out around the temple grounds at night in honor of the dead. Of course, I will visit and clean my family’s grave plot.

Kimi Saito
Day-care staff, 58 (Japanese)
I’m going to Kobe with my husband to see a ventriloquist show by Ikkokudo. My husband only likes that famous comedian, so this is our special outing for Obon this year. My son-in-law has to work, so only my daughter and granddaughter will visit from Nara.

Judah Reynolds
PR, 33 (American)
I’ve joined a trip with an international party group called WhyNotJAPAN, which is going to Tokushima for the Awa Odori festival. I’m looking forward to participating in the parade, but a bit shy about wearing those short white shorts with tabi socks!

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