If you could meet any living Japanese person, who would it be?

Mike Peragine
Evidence technician, 34 (American)
Kudo Kankuro. His work explores the “real” and often darker side of this country and culture. He is hands-down the Wes Anderson of Japan. I’d ask him to tell me the things I don’t know about Japan.

Chiharu Yoshino
Fortune teller, 29 (Japanese)
Haruki Murakami. He’s been one of my favorite people since junior high school. His novels motivate me to read more. I’d ask him what symbolism he’d use in writing a novel about “being Japanese.”

Laura Cooper
Teacher/photographer, 26 (English)
Sho Sakurai. I watched him in “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye.” I’d like to know why he made the move to singing from acting. It’s an unusual move for an actor, as it’s usually the other way round.

Edris Dzulkifli
Student, 24 (Singaporean)
George Takei. I love Chicano culture and this guy grew up in East L.A. I would love to find out about how an Asian guy fares in a primarily Chicano neighborhood.

Michiko Inoue
Fashion designer, 28 (Japanese)
Tetsuya Komuro. He is a music producer who I have been listening to since I was 5 years old. His sound is emotional and moves me. I want to know what music means to him.

Risa Kambe
Fashion designer, 29 (Japanese)
Ayumu Takahashi. He’s traveled all over the world and written and taken photos of his experiences. He has also done a lot of humanitarian work. I would love to ask him about his experiences.

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