Tokyo international students: Did you stay in Tokyo or go after the March 11 disasters?

Jordan Neiblum, 21
Graphic design student (American)
I was in the U.S. when the disaster happened. I had already been accepted at a university in Tokyo. I was nervous about coming here but it has always been a dream. — one which I couldn’t give up.

Samat Materna, 21
Art student (German)
My parents forced me to evacuate for two weeks, so I went to Paris and Amsterdam. Upon my return I saw that a high percentage of students had left for good, though small numbers are now starting to return.

Asuka Hosokawa, 22
Communication studies student (Japanese/Filipino)
I live with my father in Japan. He was worried and sent me to the Philippines for two weeks. However, I decided to return so as not to fall behind with studies and to continue my life here.

Gary McCaskill, 33
International affairs student (American)
This is actually my first semester in Tokyo, having moved from Osaka. My father worked in and around nuclear plants for more than 10 years. His opinion helped me realize it was safe to move here.

Sophia Roehr, 23
International affairs student (German)
I was at school during the earthquake. I live here with my family and we all moved back to Germany for three weeks. We were scared by the developments although Tokyo didn’t seem too badly affected.

Miko Arai, 21
Communication studies student (Japanese/Filipino)
The university offered an online study program for evacuees. My family thought about leaving but my sister had her high school graduation at that time, so we all went to Osaka for one week.

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