Tokyo: Do you think Tokyo should bid for the 2020 Olympics?

Daniel Pierce
Climbing instructor, 25 (American)
Considering the fact that a bid for the Olympics is a pretty costly endeavor, I don’t think Japan will be financially ready by 2020. Having seen first-hand the level of investment needed in the north, this should be the priority.

Mariko Nagasaka
Sociologist, 58 (Japanese)
Tokyo already hosted the Olympics in 1964, which helped Japan’s confidence and symbolized a bright future. Now we should give a developing country the chance to go through the same experience.

Makoto Asai
Sound engineer, 39 (Japanese)
As a sports fan, I want the Olympics to come to Japan. However, considering Japan’s current situation, perhaps now isn’t the best time. It’s hard to imagine how things will be eight years from now.

Miki Yoko
Designer, 32 (Japanese)
I don’t fully understand the details of Japan’s economic situation, so I am not sure whether having the Olympics would be a good or bad thing. I feel it would have many positive effects for Japan, though.

Yoshitaka Hayakawa
Physics teacher, 27 (Japanese)
I think it’s a good idea. Firstly, it would help re-establish Japan in the world by boosting the economy. Secondly, it would strengthen Japan’s relationships with foreign countries.

Emma Nixon
English teacher, 25 (American)
As with the 1998 Nagano Olympics, after the event there’s a small economic depression. So much investment was made by way of building housing, an ice rink, etc., then everyone leaves. After 10 p.m. there it’s really quiet.

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