As a former subscriber I have nowhere else to turn but to you.

I have been contacted by a yakuza-like organization. Or rather, I’ve read that I will be contacted soon.

I don’t know what to do. First they poisoned everything, then they sent a letter apologizing but never told me where the poison is or when its coming, and now I read that my utility bill will be up 16 percent forever to pay for their poisoning.

I knew TEPCO was bad, but this is outright extortion.

I moved to Japan because out of a world of experience, I best love its people and its land.

I own some land. Land so rich it made the Jomon people the most civilized nonagricultural civilization ever. I built a home and I had to scrape the dirt off the yard to keep the radiation from sinking in.

TEPCO should be paying me, it should be paying all of Japan, yet I read its bondholders will escape unscathed and its consumers like me are picking up the bill.

I love Japan. TEPCO has poisoned Japan. I refuse to pay.

When I built my home, I didn’t know I was building on TEPCO’s turf. To support them would be like paying Mafia protection money.

What would you do?

Narita, Chiba

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