Tokyo: What magazines do you read here in Japan?

Jenny Wright
English teacher, 26 (English)

I occasionally pick up a print version of Metropolis, mainly to read the classifieds. Otherwise magazines don’t really appeal to me. For news and information, I generally read British newspapers on the Internet.

Gordon Eastwood
Musician, 22 (Canadian/English)
I have read Metropolis magazine a few times, but I mostly use the Internet to find out information. Usually I search through international media, such as the BBC, and follow stories from there.

Chenee De-Ment
Ballet dancer, 24 (American)
I’ve never been into magazines, I think they’re a waste of money. Sometimes I pick up Metropolis, but only for the classifieds. Occasionally I browse through magazines for articles that look interesting, but I have no favorite.

Matthew Findeling
Pilot, 28 (French)
I don’t read any magazines here – I’ve travelled to Tokyo eight or nine times so I rely on the knowledge from my past trips to know what to do. At home I read a mixture of business magazines and newspapers, some online.

Cara Silver
Product and design strategy, 24 (American)
I am not a huge reader of print media. I follow Tokyo Art Beat online, but otherwise don’t seek out magazines. I prefer to receive information sent directly to my e-mail via mailing lists, as well as following blogs.

Alexander De-Waard
Phone operator, 31 (Dutch)
I am not much of a magazine reader; I follow news more on the Internet. In Japan I have used the Eyewitness Travel Guide Book for information, but rather than reading I prefer to experience and learn for myself.

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